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Blizzard 2009 | Snowball fight Times Square

This was an impromptu snowball fight in Times Square around 1AM in the midst of the blizzard Saturday night. The real danger wasn’t the snow and subsequent moisture destroying my gear. No, the real danger was shooting the mayhem with a wide lens which meant that I was a prime target. I had to put the gear down several times for some payback.

Note: due to demand, prints can be purchased now at SmugMug. For higher end archival prints, please email me directly. Happy holidays everyone!

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim

Snowball fight in Times Square 12/19/09 © Doug Kim


  • Great photos! The absence of traffic and snow covered street make the scene look it was from another century. The space looks so human-sized and reminds me of paintings, Breugel, the Dutch artist did of villagers playing in the snow in the 16th century. I hope it was as fun for everyone as it looks. Did people choose sides? Was it a free for all? Was there a feeling of community? How did it end?

  • Apparently this was started by some kids from Florida:

    People did take sides with occasional charges into the other’s lines and the occasional ganging up on a chosen individual. It was so much fun. I only saw maybe 45 minutes of it then the crowd density thinned out and the fight faded. Everyone was yelling “Only in New York!”

    And I did catch a few in the face but since I was not exactly protecting myself, I must have been an easy target.

    Breugel?! Thanks for that!

    I had been wandering the streets for a few hours and the city was pretty deserted except for Times Square. I heard that there was an organized snowball fight in Union Square today but it could not have compared to the spontaneous gathering last night.


  • Hey! great photos! There’s a Facebook group for it now: The Times Square Snowball Fight of 2009.

  • Wonderful comparison with Breugel…gives it all a whole new dimension.

    What absolute fun. It makes me feel joyful.


  • Bloomberg’s notion of closing down part of Times Square to traffic doesn’t look so dumb after all.

    “Only in New York” — precisely.

  • Fabulous pictures of a fabulous event! We are all kids at heart and the photographer has captured that nicely.

  • Those photos are fantastic — really love them! A friend of mine lives in NYC, and she said one of her best memories of being there was just after a big snow storm a few years ago. She walked down the middle of Broadway in Times Sq. with her dog … in utter silence.

  • If only for a moment humanity sheads the cloak of idiocy that is adulthood and exposes the elemental heart of the playful and innocent child that exists at the core of us all. Behold, if only for a moment, heaven existed in Times Square.

  • This looks like so much fun. Amazing pictures. Its like time stopped at busy TimeSquare so everyone played.

  • These pictures are great!! That was one of the best times we ever had in our life!! lol! Thanks for the great pics!

  • Absolutely beautiful photographs. This sounds like it was a once in a lifetime moment and I’m grateful you were there to capture. Well done!


  • Thanks for the photos. It is nice to know that even in a huge city like New York strangers can still let down their guard and have fun together. There was naked happiness on peoples` faces. That is so much more in the spirit of the holidays than any hallmark moment.

  • Amazing photographs. Looked like some vintage photos taken from the 50’s. To see Americans with smileson their faces, you can see he joy and happiness in the pictures. We need that in this era. A reminder of how life can be so innocent and fun no matter your age

  • I don’t much when it comes to famous Photographers, I only know of Karsh, but, I would compare these photos to any of the great photos of eras gone by.

    I have never had the privlage of visiting New York City, though I have always wanted to… seeing these pictures, makes me want to go even more, which is odd since, I really do hate Winter and Snow.

    We get so much of it here, and there is very little in the way of fun when it comes to the snow. To see a city like New York stop, if even for a few minutes, and take the time to enjoy it, is so amazing.

    I doubt you’d ever be able to have something like that here in this stuffy Gov’t town. I have to say well done NYC, and especially well done to an obviously greatly talented Photographer.

    Thanks for reminding this Winter hating Canadian, that Winter isn’t entirely bad, you just have to make it fun…

    Ottawa, Canada

  • I love the photos. I get a strong sense of camaraderie between people who don’t even know each other but happen to be at the same place at the right time. Surreal.

  • I only visited New York City once, and I loved the people. The care-free atmosphere is refreshingly paradoxical. This story did not surprise me. I love New York. I can’t wait to go back.

  • Good times in Times Square – it’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye put out, then it’s just fun and games that they can’t see anymore!

  • Great Action..felt all warmed up……and loved the girl doing the “angel” on the ground…thanks

  • I recently moved to the West Coast and am missing New York immensely around this time of year. It really is about the simple things in life, and this truly captures the spirit of the Holiday season.

    Thank you for your beautiful photographs.

  • I couldn’t help but notice that the guy atthe bottom of the pile in the last photo appears to be wearing hockey skates. Is there a rink in Times Square somewhere?

  • Wonderful, wonderful photos! I had such an overwhelming sense of joy from these pics and agree with Mike T’s comments wholeheartedly.

    Thanks for such great photos and sharing the joy in Times Square with everyone.

  • Love the pictures! What sweet joy everyone is experiencing! Especially like the kid with the grin on his face and the missile in his hand, cocked to take out the photographer 🙂

  • I am a midwest girl and love NYC! I visit at least twice a year. I wish I could have been in TimeSquare to see this sight in person. Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • OHHHHH! THIS IS MY HOMETOWN! THIS is what I loved about NY. Food parties during blackouts, people helping people during crises…bigass impromptu snowball fights with total strangers!!!
    THIS is what makes people die hard NYers this feeling that in this big ass city you can STILL CONNECT with others when you really NEED to – even if its just to play.
    LOVE the pictures! Even though I’m sitting here in hotass San DIego where it was 71 degrees this am at 6:30 (I’m totally serious) 6 days before Christmas, …
    You can say what you want about the city and the powerbroker scum that infect it like a STD, ah but the PEOPLE of NY, their hearts at times shine like GOLD! The 13 CANNOT hold this city down for long.

  • I am in love with these photographs! I’m so happy I saw them on I linked to your slideshow from my own blog, hope you don’t mind. Congrats on awesome photographs – like I said in my blog, you made my day!

  • OH! I almost forgot to THANK the photographer profusely.
    These pictures made my day.
    Oh and Kirk, yes in Central Park there is a rink he was probably coming from there on the subway Times Square is a big transfer hub in the system and he probably heard the laughter and went to investigate.

  • Really incredible and breathtaking. I’ve been missing NYC for a few months now while overseas and always tried to explain to my friends the essence of the city and these capture it amazingly. Wonderful!

  • I was in need of a smile today. Thanks to these photos, I got one. Thank-you Doug Kim for these wonderful photos. Wish I were in NYC now.

  • Truely the best story I’ve heard in a long time. It’s nice to know that there is still good in the world.

  • Fantastic! It’s amazing to see people who probably never met until that moment breaking out and having fun with each other. My compliments to you sir for sensing a moment that I can only describe as an example of the magic that still resides in humanity and capturing it for others to relish in.

  • “Only in New York”


    My dear friends in NYC you didn’t invent spontaneous snow ball battles. There have been spontaneous snow ball fights in my city after big snows for years…I would assume since the begining of time. They’ve been in streets, city parks, school football fields, and a lot of other wide open spaces. So it’s not “Only in New York” as you might think. There’s world going on outside your city.

    None the less, I’m glad everyone had fun as I did in the battle in my town on Saturday.

    Happy Holidays….and let it snow….more!

  • I LOVE these photos. way to go NY for making the best of the situation – it is lovely to see such impromtu fun – wish I had been there to join in!!

  • Living in South Australia means no snow, so these pictures take me back to my childhood days in London. We used to stare out of the window at xmas hoping for snow on xmas day. Thank you for the memory.

  • This is awesome!! Love the NYorkers sharing fun, laughs and nothing better than a good snowball fight! Way to go NY!

  • OMG– I’m so happy you posted these.. I was there and got to experience it. This is one moment I will never forget. We had so much fun. It was my first trip to NY too! Amazing!

  • Only in… any city where snow falls and shuts down the city.

    The students in Madison, WI did the same thing last week.

  • Love the black and white and it to repeat all of the others is a different Times Square, I remember the millenium where noone could leave once inside to use a restroom!

  • For those who poo-poo it, take a breath. New York City is so frequently slammed from so many directions that when a pure moment occurs, New Yorkers are justified in glorying in it. The weather truly affects people.

    I live in New York but instead found myself walking down the middle of Old York Road in Elkins Park PA late on Saturday night with my honey. We stepped aside to let the rare vehicle drive by. The woman stopped in the middle of the road and rolled down her window, asking if we were okay.

    A simple kindness from a stranger, attributed in my mind to the weather. It is soothing, humbling and delightful to be in the middle of a storm like that. It brings out the joy within many. Of course New York City isn’t the only place to enjoy a heavy snowfall. But it is the rare city moment that appears from the photos to be devoid of agenda, nuance or negativity.

    Pure moments are frequently the purvey of the under-5 population. I say a nod and a smile for the adults who let loose and had fun.

    Fun without strings is an almost lost quality in life in 2010.

    Viva Fun !!!


  • The difference between the DC snowball fight and the nyc Union square is this..the DC snowfight was at a MAJOR intersection..where traffic and people walked upon a narrow sidewalk..the location was not one of the best to have a snowball fight..becuz it would have involved those who are not or would know what is going on the under cover policmen indicated..THAT should have been a CLUE it was over.then to not understand what just happen to ainnocent by-stander?..Who happened to be a the traffic travelling right thru the area as well,? it was STUPID thing to do..not a SAFE thing to do at a traffic intersection,.as a fact. ..go to a park like other little children who want to have a snowball fight and where little girls make snow angels..

  • These pictures are amazing, how a world can just stop and forget about their troubles just that once and enjoy the small things in life that we take for granted. Im from Northern Ireland and if that happened over here, people would be on the phone to the Police for GBH. Its unfortunate but its just how the world seems to be…

    Rachael (Northern Ireland)

  • Etheral and beautiful. Glad you were there to capture it for the rest of us who were not there!

    Sheila (former NYer living in San Fran)

  • I love that you have captured JOY in place of war. I have seen similar images so many times of, yet thronging rocks, or cocktails instead of fun filled snow balls. So many different walks of life simply enjoying the snowy night.

    Well captured.

  • This was so awesome, I had a great time. did see you there taking the pictures, thanks so much for bringing back these memories

  • Awesome to be there and take part at the beginning. We had just finished our late dinner @ Maxie’s and started walking through the square snapping some photos when it started to break out.

    Great fun!

  • The photos were great and the whole idea of it is great…People just having a good time with one another. We all need to do stuff like that more often!

  • several years ago my cousin and i were in central park and something very similar happened. the snow was falling heavily, there was already lots of snow on the ground. we started playfully throwing snowballs at couples, people having a good time. of course people responded, the snow started flying and within maybe 30 minutes there was a huge conflagration in the park. it was a blast, took over the whole area, included bridges and rocks and trees. there were definite sides but no allegiances. all in fun. eventually the media showed up and started asking how it all started. that was back in 2000 or 2001, around new years eve.

  • What a wonderful thing. And it speaks volumes without having to say a word. A nice, early Christmas present for the entire world.

  • Events like this, though rare, are a true measure of the city’s spirit and that of it’s people. This is awesome! Both, Times Square New York in that moment and the way you’ve captured it, Doug. Simply beautiful!

    Zulekha (Abu Dhabi)

  • I want to thank everyone for the kind words! I am just honestly glad that I happened to show up at Times Square when I did.

    This series to me is the point of real photography: not to make something or someone beautiful, but to record something beautiful, something fleeting, a wisp of a moment that will never be repeated again.

    This little event on Saturday night was recorded in a handful of images, no longer in total time than a fraction of a second. These photos succeed because they speak to all of you, whether you’re in your own foot of snow or somewhere where the sun is still blazing. If I can capture an image that becomes a trigger to make people think, feel, or remind them of something, then I have done my job.

    Thanks again for looking and the comments.

    And to the skirmishers who got me in the face while I was shooting, nice arms and thanks for not hitting my gear.

    Now, go out and play.

    Doug Kim (the photographer)

  • Great pictures Doug. We do not get much of a chance at snowball fights down here and it looked like some awesome fun. An earlier post mentioned the difference between the DC snowball fight and the NYC snowball fight was where it was held. There were no difference between the two except NYC did not have a JA Detective (the only person that had a problem with it) wanting to show his authority or should I say un-called for authority. It also appeared he deliberately drove through the area knowing it was going on with the intention to show his a** and he did a good job doing so. The one in DC had gone on for hours with other DC police driving through without having a problem with it then comes along the one that wants to make it a problem for all.

    Good show NYC you did not let anyone down. I enjoyed the pictures and if I had known about it and could have gotten a flight up I would have enjoyed joining you for a good snowball fight.

    Wayne, Atlanta, GA

  • these are the photos people will be looking at 40 years from now… “whoa, snow ball fight in times square! man. must have been good back then…” 😉

  • Wow, amazing photos! I wish I was there – what an incredible vibe! It’s awesome how complete strangers can suddenly become buddies in a moment.

    I’m sitting in HOT South Africa and suddenly reminicing about my good times in the States, and my wonderful time in NYC. Love that city. I snuck some shots from the NY Times on my blog of central park…

    woot thanks!

  • I bet the cops even got in on this throwing a few snow balls. NYC is the best. People there know how to take advantage of having fun. I really wish i was there. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • The question is WHY! Because they know to enjoy the time and life. And the snowfall is there, not here. Nice photos and ambience!

  • The landing on the Hudson of the US. Airways plane and this NYC snowball fight, are the two greatest LOVE stories in a long, long time. But you need someone who knows how to READ that language called LOVE, in order to translate it so we can all understand a language that many times is dormant in the deepest corners of our hearts, and for one reason or another we do not let it flow free spontaneously, the only way LOVE itself knows how to flow. Doug you are a magnificent translator. I know “you know what I mean”.

    Raul Feliciano Sanchez
    Houston, Texas

  • I like this, its good to see that we still have some lightheartedness in us even in a city like New York City.

  • Having moved recently after many years in NYC, I’ve been missing it especially now at Christmastime. Thanks for reminding me what made it such a special place for me and for giving a me a little taste of the white NYC Christmas…

  • Man, I so miss NYC. I can’t wait to leave this hell hole in the south and get back to reality.

  • I am so surprised these didn’t make it to The New York Times, to see people and strangers at that, having fun in the middle of the night in New York City – this is why I love NYC – and yes only here with the spontaneity did this come to pass – Let’s hope someone picks up this story – it’s simply beautiful on many levels….great photo work!

  • I believe everyone is saying the same thing.
    That we need more things like this.
    I mean, I find it so cool that everyone came together for it. Un-organized and seems like alot of fun.

    I dont no if i can put it into words but, this just gives me hope that, maybe, we can change and come together more often? Help others more often?

    I dont know!
    to the photographer… Your shots are amazing. I read a comment about how the b&w, with no cars and all makes it look other century-ish. Love it
    Great Captures.

  • I might make you think about Breugel, but he was Belgian, no Dutch at all. 🙂
    great photo’s, I bet you got several cold balls against your face at that point xD

  • I suppose in a place not particularly known for kindness any display of human spirit should make the news.

  • I know you’ve been flooded with comments, and will be even more so now that there’s a link to this page in the Times today (how I found you), but I have to tell you how incredible your photos are. You are incredibly talented. You captured the joy & spontaneity perfectly. I feel like I was there, which I wish so much that I had been. Talk about the right time at the right place.
    Congratulations on an incredible set of photos.

  • Perhaps this will encourage New Yorkers to not take themselves so seriously so often! When the burden of maintaining the rotation of the Earth is lifted from your shoulders, you have the opportunity to enjoy life a bit…

  • There was a snowball fight like this the same day in D.C. on 14th street but a cop in a hummer pulled up, and after being hit in the face with a snowball he pulled out his gun.

  • WOW, unbelievable, AWESOME, so much snow in the middle of the CITY, fun fun FUN,
    ………. pictures = 10 million words!!!!!!

  • What wonderful pictures! I came across these on the website. Growing up in northern NJ and knowing how fast-paced the city is, it was great to see more playful, candid pictures of Times Square! Looks like it was a fun time! Captured some great moments that made my heart smile! Thank you for sharing!

  • Cool photos.Fitting, to see a “West Side Story” banner in back ground. Too bad the old ‘Zoot-Suiters’, Lords of Flatbush and other ‘Gangs of New York’ couldn’t settle a dispute the way this gang did. Keep up the good work. And thanks Doug.

  • Thanks for reminding us that sometimes the most important thing in life is stop and play for a while. You should consider submitting some of these to the next NWF photo contest. There is a category for these types of shots.

  • That was perfect! Really nice photos and captures! Was that a scheduled event? It was very late but there were so many people!

  • The next time someone bashes New Yorkers as cold and unfriendly, point them to these photos to show them what awesome and fun people New Yorkers truly are!!

  • I SOOOOO wish I was there! I love snowball fights! And in the middle of Times Square…that is EPIC!

  • Your photos make me so happy 🙂 I am sad I missed it– this would have been tremendous fun! Instead, my dog and I were frolicking in the deserted streets of West Village. I will never forget this snowstorm– there hasn’t been a good one in so long! (2004 as far as I can remember)

    xoxo, Tina
    p.s. just fyi, I linked to you

  • This made my day!
    Snowball fights are great fun, especially when they are with complete strangers. I really wish I was there.
    These are awesome photos.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Snowball fights are the best way to bring everybody together no matter what age they are. For some people there, it may have been their first experience and that’s “Only in NY” something like that can happen.

    I’m from Quebec City, Canada and yes, snow is a common thing here and sometimes, we take for granted that little snowfall but with today’s climate change, we may see it disappear….

    I’m happy that you had fun there and thanks for the nice photos, this is a great souvenir for the participants of that night.

    Lovely, just Lovely….

  • Things like this is what makes NYC so great….and there was no need for any ‘cop to take out his gun’ and ruin the fun…this is why I’m proud to be a native New Yorker.

  • I was not greatly impressed with your photos. Very few faces or expressions. The majority of pictures are hooded faceless mannequins in frozen tossing mode. I would have liked to have seen more expression of individuals . You did a a few but not enough in this display. The sepia effect (no real zones) made the snow look dirty and the scene muted) I understand the circumstances were difficult but a thoughtful skilled photographer would have thought out a shot rather than shot without composition into a crowd of frenzied snow throwers. Next time more close ups of the peoples faces and some true black and white zone photography for the full spectrum from white to black with all the zones of grey in between. I give you a c minus

  • Love it, great work and especially, great action. I took some photos too but didn’t leave my shutter speed as slow, so it was hard to see any snow actually flying. I was wondering, you have these in color too, right? I’ve always thought that Times Square was one of the few places where color can be as dramatic as B&W (especially with the ground being mostly monochromatic and the fashion-style being somewhat muted)

    Some of my photos here:

  • Jim, thanks for your critique. What you are saying is true but completely besides the point for me. I will and always have traded technique for being able to capture the moment.

    I did check out your work. Happy holidays.

    Doug Kim

  • These photos will become iconic of the 21st century–perhaps of a time before the earth warmed so much that snow in NYC becomes rare.

    They are in a class with the best.

  • Hi Dan, I did see your shots. Great work! These are raw files so I could have made them color but I always prefer black and white. It’s like Ted Grant says, “When you shoot color, you’re shooting clothes and the paint on the walls. When you shoot, black and white, you have the chance to concentrate on the soul.”

    I kept playing with the shutter speed to get the snow in and then to get the light of the billboards to make silhouettes. I also had longer lenses in my bag but refused to change out in the snow.

    Thanks for sharing! Send me more of your work when you get a chance.

    Doug Kim

  • Nice pics and what a fun event.

    Pay no attention to Jim. Since you did check out his work, you can clearly see his skill level stops at the disposal camera buy-in level.

    I like what you did there.

  • I sympathize with Doug over Jim. Having also been there, and considering the cold, windy, snowy conditions, it was not optimal planning time. I was too busy trying to keep snow from accumulating on my camera to really think out compositions. Also, it was just fun…I went to Times Square to see what kind of fun was happening and was lucky to have had decided to drag a heavy camera there. Kudos to Doug for many fine shots with difficult weather and chaotic subjects.

  • Hey great pictures!!! You are an awesome photographer, and I hope you got that little boy back that is about to hammer you with a snowball! We should have one in Boston, lol.

  • I was involved in a GREAT snowball fight like this once in high school, in the parking lot of the local Burger King. It was so much fun! 15 years later and I still remember laughing my butt off. It made everyone involved, and there were at least 100, closer. This is what’s cool about the spirit of the holidays.

  • Stunning pictures! It’s stuff like this that you rarely see anymore that actually FORCED me into having the spirit of the holiday season! Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful pictures, and as someone commented, this is gallery worthy material!

  • Those pictures are so great! I love them in b&w! Agree with everyone else – you made me feel like I was there. Great work! I can’t say enuf great things about your photo deck. Thank you.

  • “Only in New York”


    I mean, it’s great that there was a spontaneous snowball fight – always fun. And, it’s great that it happened in the middle of a big city.

    But, c’mon, you aren’t the ones to invent this. Sure, maybe it was “only in New York” because that’s the only place with a Times Square, but I could say something similar if one happened in my backyard – “Only in [my city]” because that’s where my backyard is.

    Really, people, get over yourselves. There’s more to this world/country than NYC. And there are people doing non-sensical, fun, spontaneous things in it all the time.

  • Awesome! Wish I was there! To all the haters, look at all the smiles on everyone’s faces! Burned! Zip it!

  • That’s really cool and looks like lots of fun (I’m hopefully moving to the city soon), but why wasn’t there any traffic? Is there normally not any traffic at that time of night, or was it blocked off for some reason, or what?

  • I was there. My room overlooked the site and we had to visit the snowballing when it started. I looked out the window watching the snow and saw it get started. A great memory for my Birthday trip to NY from Atlanta.

  • We were there. Our Marriott Hotel room overlooked the site. While watching the snow we saw the snowballing start and joined the fun. A great memory for my Birthday trip from Atlanta.

  • Really wonderful photos, Doug. I’m featuring you tomorrow in my column at the Daily Kos blog, including this little snippet:

    “Freelance photographer Doug Kim captured the merry mayhem and produced a series of black-and-white photos that evoke such a sense of nostalgia that they feel like they could’ve leapt off of Norman Rockwell’s canvas.”

    All I can say is: submit those puppies for awards. You really captured something that morning.


  • A spontaneous happening at the square
    Not planned or thought that night
    A release of childlike nature
    In the midst of urban blight
    A sign of hope to humanity
    Twinkling in the darkness
    A light that’s hard to see
    One of contrast and starkness
    An expression of God’s love
    Through a simple snowball fight.
    But not a fight at all
    Just a very special night

  • hey there i love everything about your shots and i think going with the black and white adds even more drama to this lovely scene. This made my heart feel warm how nice it is to see so many people from so many different walks of life come together to forget everything for just that little while imagine if the whole world could be like this happy just for one day!!! you were so lucky to have experienced this and thank you for sharing with us. Have a great xmas leanne Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom far far away but by viewing these pictures i felt part of this wonderful lovely thing xxx

  • And a quick note to Robert Harrington you wrote so lovely what i was thinking your words sum it up perfectly 🙂 xx

  • Just want to thank everyone again for the amazing amount of comments and messages I’ve been receiving from this series. It is awesome that I was able to capture a little bit of joy last Saturday and share it with so many.

    Thanks Angela and Tina; gave you a little reciprocal link love.

    And lastly, I love this town! All you have to do is step outside and let the streets take you to the next adventure.

    Doug Kim

  • Gives me some hope that even in the hectic world that we live in, some people can still find time to have fun and enjoy the little things… Something everyone needs to realize.

  • Sweeet ! I love snow ….planing a snow ball ambush later today when we get off from work… hope the boss is in a good mood and we get to keep our jobs :P.

  • btw i wanted to let u know i linked to your website from mine and posted just three photos with your name and full rights that you took them on my website. all the photos have links to this page if clicked on…

  • this makes me believe even more that nothing is accidental Doug – you were supposed to be there with your camera at that exact moment. Beautiful pictures. I was there, but much earlier in the evening when the snow had just started piling up, and everyone was so very excited.

  • This is beautiful. If we could all join in a harmless snow ball fight maybe war wouldn’t be taken away so many innocent lives. I love your photos. Great job with showing the world a moment of happiness.

  • I’m happy to see you guys got the snow instead of Cleveland. I’ll be missing the white Christmas though. Looks like fun. I spent 2 yrs. in Albuquerque and the snow never got deep enough to have any fun. It got just as cold though! Then 120 degrees in the shade during the summer! No thank you. I came back home to Ohio. Moderate temps and no appreciable earthquakes…and no roaches…and higher wages!

    But I digress,


  • Love the pics, all of them. Actually so nice to see everyone having fun with the snow, I have it here all winter and we never seem to get out for a good old snowball fight. Had I been there in Time Square instead of in September I would certainly have joined in….:-)))

  • Every face is full of life.
    Pure joy rooted in the harmless fun of hitting some unaware sucker in the back of the head with a well packed snowball!

    Made my day!


  • Magical shots. Makes me homesick for South Dakota. For me, the only thing that I feel like Portland, Oregon is lacking – snow; snowmen, snow angels, snow forts, snowball fights.

  • hey carl….

    “GOD” has nothing to do with this or anything else. Get a life. Just a bunch of people having a good time.

    Why do you jesus lovers always have to ruin everything by bringing god and religion into it??????

  • This is one of the single most wonderful, awesome, inspiring, beautiful and emotional experiences I have seen captured by camera in 2009. I only wish I could have been there.
    Thank you for the photos. It completely made my day!

  • Your a true gentleman and I am sorry if i ruffled some feathers, but I know you could have done better. You are very talented and passionate artist and obviously put serious effort into your work. My criticism was not meant hurt or discourage but to express things that I observed and felt honestly about without guile, As we all know art is subjective and different people see things a bit differently at times. I know I am not an Ansel Adams and I am open to constructive criticism as well. Emphasis on constructive. Your total body of work is excellent, this one event could have turned out better had the conditions been better and more controllable. With respect in humility. Jim A.

  • I was there!!!! It was really just a once in a lifetime moment. To answer a few questions there were two sides. It was really as fun as it looked. There was a real connection between everyone. I didnt hear about it, my friends and i were walking into time square at the time and stumbled onto it. The snow was perfect for throwing. It was still coming down hard when it started. And my favorite, when a tractor trailer got stuck at a red light everyone would forget the teams and join forces to fight the trucks. It was really a dream when I look back on it…

  • […] Snowball Fight in Times Square 2009 December 24 tags: doug kim, new york spirit, snowball fight, snowball fight times square, times square by Renee Massaro I happened upon these festive pictures of what looks like the most fun snowball fight ever in Times Square no less.  People were yelling “only in New York”, wish I could’ve been there. See more of Doug Kim’s photos. […]

  • FANTASTIC! I see christmas cards of these photos in fifty years! This is classic and beautiful! Good work!

  • Spontaneous and fun, that’s what makes times like these, captured in you pictures, show us. It is wonderful to know that people still know how to have fun during hard times.
    And the black and white just gave it the right touch to make everything seem so inviting.
    Great job!

  • And the NYTimes had the nerve to publish reports the NY is the unhappiest place in America….

    I don’t believe it for a single second

  • its hard to believe , what expressions of the young and old ones
    I wish I were there too
    Indra arya

  • Every time I go to NYC, I always think about how much fun a snowball fight would be in Times Square. Thank you for living my dream without me.
    If only the drive wouldn’t have been so hard in the snow. I totally would have joined in.

  • I put a link to your photos on my blog (and I will put them on my twitter post as well). Wow. Magical. A magical moment, and you got it. The images are fantastic. I wish I could have been there.

  • That nite was so much fun! I felt 12 years old again. That snow was the true fountain of youth! The Times Square snowball fight was the most fun I ever had in NYC.


  • we have like the same name reversed, you take great york in black and white is surreal.

  • ——-yeah–yeah–you are all bragging because you got all that neat snow-
    It’s not right– here we are —in Olmsted Falls , Ohio –just west of —
    Cleveland, – Sat. Dec. 26. 2009 – 48 degrees and sunshine—heck—–
    —some people get all the breaks..

  • Fantastic shots (both photographic and snow-based). Sometimes the most fun is the spontaneous kind, eh?

    A few years back I brought a group of students to NYC and we arrived during a blizzard. The next day we were touring Central Park and were ambushed with a torrent of snowballs by some college students in a gazebo. One of my students turned to me and asked “Can we throw back?” I had to pause between throws to say, “For sure! I can’t do it alone!”

    Good times!

  • While these photos are fantastic in that they capture people spontaneously having fun in an unlikely location, the reactions on this page are just another example of the tendency to romanticize New York City every given chance. When I read comments like “only in New York,” and “New Yorkers really know how to have fun,” it makes me wanna dig a hole in my own thigh. New Yorkers get a reputation for being unfriendly because they are exactly that. This snowball fight occurred in Times Square, where the only people on the streets are out-of-towners/tourists. If these Florida kids came to a real NY neighborhood and threw a snowball at someone, they would’ve gotten one thrown right back at their face with a frozen D battery hidden inside of it. I live in Brooklyn and I would have to say that that as a whole, NY’ers are miserable people. Some of you people need to get real. The photos, however, are awesome.

  • Amidst the flood of mainstream media images of war, violence and misery of 2009, ain’t this a sight for sore eyes!!!!


  • Thanks so much for taking these great pics…as I looked through them I could hear the laughter and the giggles…what a merry and joyful sound to fill our hearts as we end this difficult year….Peace

  • Sure this can happen anywhere that it snows. Sure this may not be done by the tried and true “New-Yorker”, but that doesn’t mean that the photos are not amazing. I think they do capture a much needed sense of indiscriminate love for our peers, young and old, that just happened to show it’s face right then and there. Again, amazing photos!

  • Doug,

    All is right with the world. Thanks for being in the present moment and sharing that with the rest of us. Peace and good will to men.

  • Doug, Great images! Thanks so much for sharing! I would have loved to have participated myself, despite my age.


  • Brilliant you captured the moment, I love it! everyone was giving it there all, looked like they all had fun!

  • the most important part of taking a great picture is being there. well done! beautiful work and impeccable timing!

  • It goes to prove that all the fun in the world is not dead. Great moment and wonderfully captured!

  • Awesome! Love the moments you captured! All is right with the world. Thanks for being in the present moment and sharing that with the rest of us. Peace and good will to men.

  • For the ignorant person who posted this:

    Man, I so miss NYC. I can’t wait to leave this hell hole in the south and get back to reality.

    ATL Guy ( December 22, 2009 at 9:19 am )

    You should leave and go back to New York if you hate Atlanta so much. It’s people like you that make cities unpleasant to live in stupid. Everything was positive on this blog until you posted!

  • Great photos. All the nations of the world should put down their weapons and arm themselves with snowballs.

    Spent 3 days playing dumb tourist in NYC about 2 months ago. Wonderful experience. Wonderful people.

  • I want to be there! The videos are also very good…thanks for sharing, I’ll start a snowball fight here just to commemorate this big one there!
    Classic shots- shop them around so they can be archived!,

  • I would have loved to witness this! As a Colorado native who has recently moved to northern NJ, I can’t fully express how appreciative I am to see photos like this published. I can tell you first-hand that the impression “Westies” have of East Coast folks is completely inaccurate – from what I can see, East Coasters work hard and know how to PLAY HARD, too!

  • Can’t see anything like that ever happening in Times Square, but I’m glad it did. Maybe the new layout has improved the atmosphere.

  • Nice pics…

    “Only in New York” – er… no. It’s going on all over the country here currently (UK).

  • Collect photos around the world in ‘key’ cities of snowball fights! Gotta try and get this kind of thing accomplished because the photos not only look great but capture, for all viewers, the fun and simplicity of these moments. Now if we can get some from around the globe!

  • Totally brilliant photos. I’m so jealous I was not there, mind you I’m based near London so I doubt that would have even been possible 🙂

  • I keep coming back to this. Everywhere else I look it seems like so much of our world is falling apart. I guess it always looks that way. But this page always gives me hope. Thanks 🙂

  • This series of images is Spectacular! It should be published in a book!!!!!! The year time square became an innocent, fun, playground for all to engage with each other in a positive event of strangers living collectively in the moment of what nature brought to the park….a ginormous snowball event!!! They made me feel like time had stood still and strangers came together to “play” like in childhood when there was no stress, no violence but rather all laughter and innocent fun! Simply AWESOME photographs and very well composed. It fealt like I was there dodging snowballs in the motion you portrayed…great shutter spped use! I’m impressed. Talk about being in the right place at the right time equipped with the means and the talent to capture a priceless moment in time…and in all places…Time Square…where TIME never slows down, let alone stops for a gigantic snowball war!

  • Having a gigantic snow ball fight in times square looks like an amazingly good time. Wish I was there for this. I’m just a little worried about the dangers of having a snow ball fight with strangers, what if some of them use ice instead of snow?

  • The best part about all the shots was that everyone was fighting but smiling the whole time…Snowball fights are fun until you get a bloody nose and have to go home to Mom..

    Put all the UN people there and let them have a fight and when you get a bloody nose your vote is over…Simple way to solve problems…

  • […] Last year, I happened upon these festive pictures of an amazing impromptu snowball fight  in Times Square no less.  People were yelling “only in New York!”  Photographer Doug Kim was there and captured the magic moment in a city cool enough to join in the spirit of spontaneous fun.  See more of Doug Kim’s photos. […]

  • […] | Snowball fight Times Square By Oscar Leave a Comment What a lucky guy, this Doug Kim. Check out the pictures he took from a snowball fight in Times Square; it took place during a blizzard. I wish I were there. For a moment it seems that everybody forgot […]

  • […] Also, if you just can’t get sufficient about this snowball event, verify out photog Doug Kim’s perform, which was featured on They’re black and white and much better action shots, IMO. […]

  • […] Also, if you just can’t get adequate about this snowball event, verify out photog Doug Kim’s work, which was featured on They’re black and white and greater action shots, IMO. […]

  • […] Also, if you just can’t get enough about this snowball event, check out photog Doug Kim’s work, which was featured on They’re black and white and better action shots, IMO. […]

  • Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the
    post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely
    happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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